K9-15-03, Quality Control of Highway Information System Data

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With consideration that the KYTC Highway Information System is being widely used as base transportation information for many applications for the purpose of providing accurate and timely information, it is imperative that the data is accurate and complete. With the national push to start making decisions based on data and performance measures ensuring accurate and complete data sets is more important than ever. Although KYTC has a QA/QC process as part of their data entry process, it is inevitable that inaccurate or incomplete data will slip through. The purpose of this study will be to perform a quality check of critical data elements. This study will limit its focus to planning data (HIS, Traffic, and Class Counts). The study will determine a statistically significant data comparison of these data elements, report findings by state, Highway District Office (HDO), Metropolitan Planning Organizations (MPO), and Area Development Districts (ADDs), and summarize any systemic issues uncovered with the data audit.
Effective start/end date10/1/149/30/15


  • KY Office of Highway Safety: $49,999.00


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