Kaushik Borah Visiting Scholar: Precision Neutrino Interactions: Radiative Corrections, Elementary Target Data and Polarization Asymmetries

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Precision neutrino interactions A rich set of fundamental Standard Model processes are accessed using neutrino-nucleon scat- tering, ranging from quasielastic scattering (including QED radiation), production of single and multiple pions as well as hadrons with strangeness, hard photon emission, and total inclusive cross sections mediated by the charged- and neutral-current weak interactions. All these processes are relevant for the future of neutrino oscillation measurements and proton-decay searches. In par- ticular, their precise measurement would provide priceless input for the event generators used in oscillation analysis, helping to reduce systematic uncertainties. They are also interesting by them- selves as a source of currently unknown information about the axial structure of hadrons, since they directly impact CKM unitarity tests, nucleon axial radius determinations, and the study of nucleon-to-resonance axial transitions, and they provide important inputs and targets for theoret- ical methods such as lattice QCD, and experimental measurements using muon capture, parity violating electron scattering or meson electroproduction. In order to meet these goals, the project performs precision calculations of fundamental neutrino interactions, including radiative corrections to elementary target observables, and asymmetries for polarization observables. 1
Effective start/end date1/1/228/31/22


  • Universities Research Association Incorporated: $16,000.00


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