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The mission of the Kentucky Beef Network (KBN) is to create an ongoing integrated network of beef producers who are fully and equally trained to produce and market a consistently recognized total quality product at a reasonable and sustainable profit. In conjunction with the county programs, KBN has previously had a positive impact on virtually every cattleman in Kentucky. The combined efforts have made substantial progress in dispelling the decades-old belief that Kentucky cattle are inferior to those in midwestern states. This is a 2 year plan where the primary objective of KBN is to enhance net returns to cattle producers through increased marketing opportunities, data management, education and comprehensive farm management systems. KBN will continue to participate in development of value added marketing programs with the objective of minimizing the burden on Kentucky producers. KBN provides a wide range of services to Kentucky beef producers. We offer educational and marketing opportunities through the University of Kentucky Extension, field days, field associates, outreach at the Eden Shale Farm and other county programs.
Effective start/end date2/28/2312/31/24


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