KCTRP: A Practical Design Approach for Kentucky 08-369

  • Stamatiadis, Nikiforos (PI)

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OBJECTIVES: The purpose of this research is to operationally define a practical design approach to improving state roads that balance cost with safety. That is to establish a practical level of expenditure for selected categorical improvements that can be related to a meaningful reduction in crashes and improved mobility. The specific objectives are to: I) Conduct a review of safety issues vs. design elements to identify potential design element improvement categories and ranges from previous research. 2) Examine a selected number of Kentucky examples oflimited design improvement and their safety impacts. 3) Clearly define a Kentucky concept of practical design including key tenets to guide the application of the concept. 4) Test tbe application of the key tenets on up to three selected Kentucky highway segments having completed traditional design plans. 5) Develop a marketing package for a variety of audiences that relies on a "business case" justification for this practical and prudent design approach.
Effective start/end date7/1/086/30/09