KDPH-UK Emergency Preparedness For Aging & Long Term Care

  • Lamberth, Cynthia (PI)
  • Johnson, Helen (Former PI)

Grants and Contracts Details


Background: Since 2004, the University of Kentucky has collaborated with the Kentucky Department for Public Health on training grants for Emergency Preparedness for Aging and Long Term Care (LTC). A collaboration with the University of Louisville Kent School of Social Work allows project activity coverage for the entire state, with UK responsible for the eastern half and UL responsible for the western half. The overall goal of the contract is to enable Kentucky to effectively utilize ASPR HPP funding to maximize medical surge capacity and capability. Needs Assessments: During the 2011 National Level Earthquake Exercise, data indicated that KY LTC facilities operate at an average 90% occupancy level making hospital surge to LTC an issue since only 2400 beds are likely to be available on any day throughout KY. Data also indicated that there are over 73,000 medically fragile elders in LTC who will be at-risk in a catastrophic event. The KY Hospital Preparedness Program (HPP) Regions are encouraged to keep LTC facilities engaged in their regions and to provide funding to LTC preparedness if needs are identified. In FY 11, Long Term Care facilities in each region participated in emergency preparedness and response tabletop and functional exercises but with over 150% annual turnover in LTC facilities, continued efforts are required to engage LTC in HPP emergency preparedness activities. This contract addresses the identified surge needs of hospitals and LTC through the provision of training and resources. Objectives: KDPH will partner with the University of Kentucky and LTC facilities to increase the preparedness level of each facility in order to increase overall surge capacity of the healthcare system. 1: Disseminate Long Term Care and Aging resources to enhance ESF #8 preparedness and response. 2: Attend meetings in each of the 14 HPP regions and/or meetings of their sub-committees on LTC Preparedness. 3: Collaborate with KDPH Information Services staff to develop a comprehensive training package and to conduct 14 regional trainings on WebEOC for LTC to enhance emergency information sharing. 4: Create a Continuity of Operations (COOP) Addendum for the KY All Hazards LTC Planning and Resource Manual. 5: Create an Emergency Operations Coordination Addendum for utilizing the KY LTC Facility Disaster Assessment for the KY All Hazards LTC Planning and Resource Manual. 6: Create a Medical Surge Addendum for the KY All Hazards LTC Planning and Resource Manual and distribute copies of the KDPH National Public Health Service DVD 7: Create a Volunteer Management Addendum for the KY All Hazards LTC Planning and Resource Manual. 8. Create a Fatality Management Addendum for the KY All Hazards LTC Planning and Resource Manual. 9: Support KY Long Term Care Associations’ Emergency Preparedness efforts. 10: Support of ESF #8 Preparedness and Response state planning and training activities. Reporting: Progress will be documented via monthly entries into the KDPH Catalyst project management data system. Subcontractors will provide data for reports by participate in a minimum of monthly weekly project update calls and at least two face -to -face meetings each year
Effective start/end date7/1/12 → 6/30/14


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