Kentucky Agriculture in Transition: Ensuring Sustainability, Security, and Profitability

  • Meyer, Alphonse (PI)
  • Katchova, Ani (CoI)

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Over 40% of Kentucky farms are transitioning, beginning or exiting farming, and exposed to financial, production, price, legal, and human risk. Planning, education and access to appropriate resources reduces these risks. This risk management program will be delivered as appropriate for each area's needs. Some trained agents, with project-developed support materials, will conduct county level programs. Some, using one of the most effective approaches, will work with farmers individually. A series of regional workshops, targeted to farmers who have had preliminary training at the county level, will be conducted bringing technical information to larger numbers of farmers on a cost effective basis. Program "graduates" will have access to a support network. Beginning farmers will have in-depth management training (utilizing Kentucky's "Management First" program which is primarily conducted by agents) and, for those who qualify, access to low interest loans provided by the Kentucky Ag Finance program. Exiting fanners will have access to legal and tax advice and planning services.
Effective start/end date7/1/093/31/11


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