Kentucky Annie's Project and Beyond: Risk Management Education for Farm Women

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Kentucky's Annie's Project is an extension risk management education program geared to the needs of farmwomen. During the six-week (I8-hour) class, farmwomen receive hands-on training in five areas of risk management. Kentucky completed its first full round of Annie's Project in 2008 and now recognize the need to extend and enhance the program. The first goal is to extend Annie's Project to eastern Kentucky, a region presenting unique challenges, including small acreage, limited markets, and dwindling farm income. Annie's Project will be redesigned to meet the specific needs of these women entrepreneurs. Second, the need has been established to offer a second level of programming to Annie's Project graduates. This programming will address specific topics selected by the participants and provide in-depth educational opportunities, topics may include farm-transitioning, estate-planning, and marketing. Finally to improve networking, an Annie's Project newsletter will be developed to encourage women to remain active business partners.
Effective start/end date7/1/093/31/11


  • Texas AandM University: $38,648.00


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