Kentucky Biomedical Research Infrastucture Network - UK Bioinformatics

  • Staben, Charles (PI)
  • Cooper, Robin (CoI)
  • Jaromczyk, Jerzy (CoI)
  • Kim, Seongjai (CoI)
  • Rawls, J (CoI)
  • Stromberg, Arnold (CoI)
  • Viele, J (CoI)
  • Westneat, David (CoI)

Grants and Contracts Details


9 Bioinformatfcs core The bioinformatics core wilt develop and provide nfrastructure needs of KBRfN researchers with a focus on the needs of the UK biomedical research community. Operating from the UK Bioinformatics Center, faculty members (Staben and Stromberg), research staff (including Venu Gapal-Puram. MS in computer science). and graduate research assistants provide bioinformatics consultation on areas including basic bioinformatics ta meet daily needs of molecular biologists, consultation on project design for genome ortranscriptomecharacterization, data analysis for microarray, laboratory and analysis information management in support of genomic techniques. and training or workshops. The Center will provide a point of contact for access to our intended software purchases, particuJarly to our intended purchase of desktop molecufar biology bioinformatics sofuvare serving UK and theKBRfN network. Our staff can also provide database and system administration and limited custom programming for bioinformatic applications. @ Research and mentortng core This core will be supervised by Dr. John Rawls. Dr. Rav..ris' program provide two basic activities: a summer program for undergraduates from the KBRIN institutions and faculty research opportunities at The summer program plans to focus on students entering their sophomore years, The program will provide an orientation to research, a memored research experience as well as a rich weekly seminar experience The goai is engage students in research and to provide skills '~vi!! a1!o'N students to participate in research at their home institutions or ot~:er biomedical research programs and lead to a career biomedicaJ research The facuity program wi!!encourage faculty from KBRJN institutions to conduct research at UK in collaboration with current UK faculty members. This research may include research mentoring or it may be primariJy collaborative, depending upon the nature of the researchers and projects involved. Dr. Rawls will faciJitate establishing these reiationships and providing funds to foster them.
Effective start/end date9/1/038/5/04


  • University of Louisville: $705,293.00


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