Kentucky Board of Emergency Medical Services - Trauma KIPRC 05

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A major goal for all three years of this grant (grant period-08/01/02- 07/31/05 will be data analysis. The Kentucky Injury Prevention and Research Center (KIPRC) can provide expertise and resources for data collection and analysis. Data analysis will be necessary to justify need. In Kentucky, we will need to convince the populace and the local hospitals that a Trauma System will improve care and will be effective. The ability of State and local health agencies to support these essential public health services effectively will depend on an infrastructure that is data dependent and outcome oriented (Chapter 23 Healthy People 2010 Goal). Since 1999, KIPRC has been functioning as the Trauma Registry Coordinator for the state, and currently maintains a database that merges trauma registry data from the three regional trauma centers in the state. Kentucky's two ACS verified Level III trauma centers in Campbellsville and Madisonville have recently agreed to provide data from their trauma registries. KIPRC has experience managing several statewide data systems that are used in injury prevention programs within the center. These other data systems include: hospital inpatient discharge data recorded in the 00-92 database (mandated by the Unifonn Billing Act of 1992); Kentucky State Police motor vehicle crash reports; death certificate records from the Department for Vital Statistics; law enforcement records on Protective Orders; and Adult Protective Services reports filed statewide, EMS run reports (from 1995-1998) are available, but do not include all statewide services and are no longer mandatory. For data-driven decisions to be made regarding trauma in Kentucky, data must be made available from pre-hospital care providers, emergency departments that are not verified trauma centers, and out-of-state trauma centers receiving patients from Kentucky. It will then be essential to link these databases.
Effective start/end date10/1/049/30/05


  • KY Health Services Cabinet: $27,000.00


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