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The University of Kentucky (UK) Center for Clinical and Translational Science (CCTS) has created an integrated home for clinical and translational research to promote scientific progress and discoveries at every phase of the translational continuum. The CCTS has fundamentally transformed the research environment not only at UK but throughout Central Appalachia through the development of a strong research network, the Appalachian Translational Research Network (ATRN), with integrated research partnerships including other CTSA hubs. When combined with an in-­depth understanding of the unique and serious health challenges faced by Central Appalachian residents, the UK CCTS is positioned to lead local, regional and national research efforts that focus on the significant health disparities in this population. Our overarching goal as a CTSA hub is to continue to champion innovation in the full spectrum of clinical and translational research while educating the workforce of the future, engaging our communities in biomedical science and working with the national network to advance cohesive multi-­center clinical trials, which will ultimately elevate the health and quality of life of the populace of Central Appalachia. Specifically, the UK CCTS will: 1) Lead institutional innovation in the delivery of efficient, effective clinical and translational research. 2) Develop a diverse workforce across multiple disciplines that advances translational research and excels in team-­based science. 3) Meet the unique needs of Central Appalachian residents by extensively engaging and collaborating with our regional, rural and community-­based partners. 4) Catalyze innovative research, including novel drug development and informatics methodologies, with particular focus on bringing innovation to special populations and across the lifespan. 5) Create an efficient clinical trials network, centered at UK, and extending into our partner health care systems that will be an essential and leading component of the CTSA consortium, involving participants throughout a four state region of rural Central Appalachia. The UK CCTS benefits from a collaborative environment found on only a few university campuses. UK has 16 colleges, with 11 involved in the UK CCTS (including six biomedical colleges) on one central campus. This physical proximity of our academic and health care communities, along with a culture of collaboration, creates a closely knit unified academic community and positions the UK CCTS to demonstrate the impact of collaborative translational research and leadership in team science. Our efforts have already been successful at transforming the culture of the UK academic medical center to one that more keenly appreciates scholarship, innovation and translational science. We now plan to build on these strengths to advance translational science to the next level, with further development of our clinical trial networks, development of novel informatics programs, and continued development of the workforce throughout the region. These efforts will benefit the medically underserved residents of Central Appalachia and will significantly contribute to the national CTSA program.
Effective start/end date8/15/166/30/24


  • National Center for Advancing Translational Sciences: $488,839.00


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