Kentucky Contact for the Southern Region Regulatory Information Network

  • Lucas, Patricia (PI)

Grants and Contracts Details


The primary function of the contact to the Regional Information Network is to provide information that may be used to address regularity decisions regarding IPM. Kentucky’s contact for the network will perform or assist with the follow functions: 1. Produce and maintain a comprehensive and robust stakeholder contact database/expert list for important settings in Kentucky that includes key Land-grant faculty (1862 and 1890), key growers, grower associations, and consultants. Perform a comprehensive update annually. 2. Develop and produce an annual list of research and extension (and, optional, regulatory) IPM priorities for Kentucky. Methods for developing priorities will include stakeholder meetings and an electronic survey for the rating of priorities. To increase the participation of key stakeholders the survey will be made available to grower organizations and Kentucky Pest News newsletter. 3. Respond/distribute appropriately for Kentucky whenever an EPA/OPMP question comes – answer the call, distribute the question to appropriate experts and stakeholders, gather, compile and document responses, and submit through SIPMC in a timely fashion. Deal appropriately with surveys designed to address these questions. 4. Participate in a regional work group consisting of all such liaisons to discuss, plan, and address issues effectively and, when necessary, proactively. 5. Develop and confer routinely with Kentucky’ advisory committees comprising those supporters (IPM Coordinators, 1890s contacts, etc.) appropriately distributed among the areas, states and/or territories addressed. 6. Interact and engage with colleagues within Kentucky and adjoining states as needed to develop IPM documents (crop profiles and PSMPS).
Effective start/end date3/1/1512/31/15


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