Kentucky Dairy Education and Outreach Project (Milk, Mud, and Clean Cows)

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The Biosystems and Agricultural Engineering Department is currently managing a project funded by DCA entitled "Agriculture Water Quality and Nutrient Management Education and Outreach Project", which is planned to end June 2014. Through this project, an extensive network of contacts within the agricultural sector of Kentucky has been developed. This network includes representatives from Cooperative Extension, Conservation Districts, KDDC, and DOW. The professional relationships that were established were based on our common initiative-improving water quality in Kentucky. These contacts will be used to leverage and create a more successful and comprehensive outreach program. By involving all of our stakeholders and partners, a unified message will be broadcast to dairy producers that voice all the requirements needed for compliance. Presentations will be developed to educate dairy producers on water quality issues related to dairy farming management practices. Pictures will be included in the presentation materials to demonstrate compliance issues and appropriate solutions. Real operations will also be used as examples for developing nutrient management and agriculture water quality plans. A segment of the training will also focus on the various laws and requirements specific to dairy operations including Agriculture Water Quality Plans, nutrient management plans, as well KNDOP, public health, and the Clean Water Act. To assist producers with the development and implementation of their plans, part of the training will include one-on-one assistance and education on opportunities for funding and technical resources. Lunch for participants will be provided to streamline the session, maximize teaching time, and entice participants to attend. Trainings will be provided at eight locations across the state and locations will be selected so that trainings will be provided within each of the 12 dairy districts. Trainings will be held during mid-day to accommodate the producers' milking schedules. Trainings will be advertised through multiple communication systems such as KDDC newsletters and postcards, as well as emails, flyers, and word-of-mouth at related meetings. Program participants will be asked to complete a pre- and post-survey for assessing program success and future training needs.
Effective start/end date7/1/076/30/15


  • KY Department of Environmental Protection


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