Grants and Contracts Details


he vendor will: wort~ with local school districts to address identification and evaluation of students who have severe or multiple isabilities induding deaf/blindness; provide compEl'lency-based technical assistance and training to build local capacity for ddressing the learning needs of these sludenls alclng the transition continuum; assist 'tie Kentucky Department of Education in roviding slatewide tl3chnical assislance to address local, state and national initiatives around low incidence populations; ollaborate with families and Interagency service pll)vider9 in developing and Implementing activities. 'pon approval of the master agreement. the KentlJcky Department of Education will pay one-fourth of the amount wilh receipt of Ivoice from the vlmdor. Vendor will thereafter invoice on a quarterly cost reimbursement basis including a summary of xpendltures conslslsnt with the master agreement budget. Fina' invoice must be received wllhln 60 days of expiration of the 1aster agreement.
Effective start/end date10/1/059/30/07


  • KY Department of Education: $169,288.00


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