Kentucky E-DETECT Cohort for Cancer Outcomes

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Project Objective and Aims: The objective of the E-DETECT Pilot Project is to provide preliminary data for feasibility of participant recruitment and data collection, including a health history interview and blood sample, for a proposal to NIH/NCI for the formation of a state-wide cohort study for risk factors and early detection biomarkers of cancer in Kentucky. The specific aims are: (1) to conduct focus groups with 6 eligible representatives from each of 6 selected counties in Kentucky (total = 36), and (2) to administer interviews and collect blood samples from 30 eligible individuals from the same counties (total = 180). Eligibility criteria include: age 40-79 years, African American or non-Hispanic white; no previous history of cancer excepting non-melanoma skin; Kentucky resident; approximately equal numbers of men and women. The 6 counties targeted are: Fayette, Jefferson, Christian, Perry, Powell and Hart. 2) Scope of Work: (a) To assist in recruiting 12 eligible representatives from Perry and Powell counties for focus groups. (b) To recruit 60 eligible participants from Perry and Powell counties, administer interviews, collect blood samples, and complete information for lab forms and Swift card forms. Recruitment may occur through distribution of flyers, community contact, screening of participants for eligibility, completion of contact forms, scheduling of participants, and reminder phone calls to participant, when requested. The University of Louisville investigators will be traveling to assist with some interviews and will transport specimens or arrange for shipment when necessary.
Effective start/end date11/11/191/31/20


  • University of Louisville: $8,991.00


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