Kentucky Educational Television: Digital Video Project

  • Carter, Lisa (PI)

Grants and Contracts Details


The Audio-Visual Archivist will have a dual responsibility which is grounded in the idea that the Digital Video Conversion Project (DVCP) will generate the initial assets that will be managed in the overall Digital Asset Management (DAM) solution sought by KET. With this in mind, as Project Manager, she will manage the DVCP with an eye on the DAM solution, advise on the DAM solution based on actual experience with the DVCP and generally facilitate the use of the DVCP as a test, foundation and pilot for the DAM solution. Digital Video Conversion Project . Evaluate current status of the collection and IPDs. Create and implement collection management tools as necessary. Develop a criteria/evaluation checklist for determining which materials should be prioritized. Organize project materials for digitizing. . Assist in the selection of a format for digital storage that complies with the digital industry standard and long-term preservation and access needs. . Assist in the selection of hardware and software for digitizing analog video by outlining project transfer standards based on current understanding of digital video technologies. . Collaborate with DAM Task Force leaders to select a transfer method and digital format that will be compatible with the eventual system KET will use for digital asset management. . Develop a metadata structure for use in the project. . Assist in the design and implementation of a project tracking system that is accessible by all members. . Track progress of the project and facilitate the completion of target deadlines. . Determine what expertise is needed to accomplish project goals. Hire, train, and supervise technicians or vendors who will transfer the footage. . Manage the project budget, revise scope of project to meet budget restraints.
Effective start/end date3/1/039/30/04


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