Kentucky Energy Club Program

  • Mardon, Sarah (PI)

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The Kentucky Collaborative Coal and Energy Education proposal involves continuation and extension of the Kentucky Energy Club Program, further development of the Energy Forum program, and the addition of workshops/trainings, inter-club projects within the Kentucky Energy Club program, and initiatives to develop energy-related workforce development opportunities existing within colleges and universities. The proposed budget includes expenses for three personnel; offices for two of the staff are located in the eastern Kentucky and western Kentucky coal fields. Many of the proposed programs will occur in parts of the state that produce coal in an effort to educate students and citizens who live and work in those areas. Development of the Kentucky Energy Club within institutions of higher education has allowed for the formation of a student and community platform targeting energy education, with a focus on coal related production, industry, technology, by-products, and emission issues. Club members have participated in site tours; the Energy 101 Speaker series, community and K-12 outreach, and helped organize energy-related events. In addition to continual development of Energy Clubs and the initial programs associated with those clubs such as site tours, students will work together and complete a project or implement an idea, encourage member attendance at state conferences such as the Kentucky Association of Manufacturers (KAM) Energy Conference and the Governor’s Conference on Energy and the Environment, and collaborate with other organizations on their campus to implement mentoring, internship, research, and workforce development projects. The second component of this proposal involves workshops and energy forums that will educate the public, local officials, and students about energy issues within the state of Kentucky and also topics of interest in their particular region. In developing these programs, Kentucky’s Seven-Point Energy Strategy will be utilized to determine the content of the programs. Educating Kentuckians about natural resources within their state and helping them identify opportunities to prepare for energy-related careers will make them even greater assets to the Commonwealth.
Effective start/end date7/1/136/30/14


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