Kentucky Equine Survey

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Kentucky has been dubbed the "Horse Capital of the World," but while horses project Kentucky's image to the world, it might be surprising to learn that we do not know how many horses and horse farms are in the state, where those horses and farms are, and the impact the horse industry has on the state's economy. The objective of the Kentucky Equine Survey is to gather this information. This will be accomplished in two parts: 1. The Kentucky field office of the National Agricultural Statistics Service (NASS) will be administering the questionnaire related to the horse count. 2. A team from the University of Kentucky will be responsible for developing, administering, and analyzing supplemental surveys needed for the economic impact analysis. The entire $200,000 grant from Kentucky Horse Council will be used to pay for part of the NASS (National Agricultural Statistics Services) Services identified in part 1. Study personnel from the University of Kentucky are responsible for working with NASS officials in list and sample frame development, questionnaire development, and reporting of results.
Effective start/end date3/1/122/28/13


  • Kentucky Horse Council: $300,000.00


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