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University of Kentucky Food System Innovation Center –Scope of Work Through a Regional Food System Partnership grant from USDA, the Kentucky Center for Agriculture and Rural Development (KCARD) proposes implementing a solution to create intentional partnership opportunities with the ultimate objective of improving the sustainability and resilience of the regional food value chain in Kentucky. The University of Kentucky’s Food Systems Innovation Center contribution to this effort will be: 1. Support the Kentucky Food System Collaborative Network to concentrate and coordinate efforts of partners and prospective partners toward expanding the Kentucky local food system and development of greater resilience of that system; a. FSIC Activities: • FSIC will participate in the networks and contribute to product development and market feasibility for small scale value-added products. • Develop a component of farm-level impact (with Kentucky Department of Agriculture) of client projects. • Monthly FSIC virtual office hours featuring different projects, and agency partners, to enhance network strength and communications • Complement the monthly virtual office hours with supporting 10-12 minute YouTube videos themed around: “So Your Thinking About ……(a topic of focus)”; i.e., jerky, beer cheese, goat products, yogurt, insurance needs, benefits of doing a sensory analysis, packaging, working with a co-packer, working with a meat processor for processed products, branding, retail meat displays, selling meat in farmers markets. Include a unique series of these focused particularly on cheese and dairy products. 1. Expand existing KCARD applied research on value chain development to include the meat processing and value-added dairy sectors among others; a. FSIC Activities: • Provide technical support to strengthening the KY Meat Processor Association to serve better local farms seeking to develop local markets – long-term capacity and production planning coordination; best practices integrated in the UK MarketReady program. • Dairy product development support. Develop meat processing schools targeting KY-based processors t to share and encourage value- added meat processing. • Areas of focus may include BBQ 101, Sausages production 101, Processing, etc. With the emphasis on developing local products for local markets. Facilitate Virtual Direct Meat Marketing in collaboration with KDA, KY Meat Processors, and participating farms drawing on programs developed by National Niche Meat Marketing Network and Cornell Meat Pricing Calculator. • Adapt the Market Ready program to provide customized training and ‘Meet the Buyer’ engagement for value-added producers. • Local market demand analysis for VA meat, dairy, and horticulture products in collaboration with KDA – positioning for direct to consumer and restaurant/institutional buyers.
Effective start/end date10/1/219/29/23


  • Kentucky Center for Agriculture and Rural Development: $119,081.00


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