Kentucky Forest Products Industry Directory - Data Collection of wood Residuals From the Secondary Wood Industry in Kentucky

  • Ammerman, Bobby (PI)

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During a recent meeting of the State Wide Energy Team, at the Kentucky Forest Industry Association Annual Meeting, it was discussed there was a need for Kentucky to identify the type and quantities of wood residues produced by our secondary wood industry. The Department of Forestry and Natural Resources and the Kentucky Division of Forestry (KDF) maintains a database of all of the identified wood industries, both primary and secondary, located in Kentucky. This database includes information on what industries produce and other associated data. The database has two uses. The complete database (meaning all collected data on an industry) is used by UK and KDF to respond to requests for information by planners, policy makers, etc. and to generate statewide, regional and county data as needed. Specified data from the entire directory dataset is made available to the public, both as a periodic hardcopy report and through a searchable web portal. This allows companies and individuals to find sources of products in Kentucky. We have the ability to add categories to the data set that could include residue production and other important metrics. While UK and KDF work collaborative to ensure that basic data on the industries is up-to-date, typically the work is divided with KDF handling primary industries and UK handling secondary industries. Specific to residues the KDF collects information, as part of the Timber Products Output survey conducted biennially. UK does not collect residue information from secondary industries at this time. Given the number of industry sites involved and the fact that there is not a statutory requirement for submitting data, it takes effort, time and money to constantly maintain the integrity of the database. This proposal is requesting funds to allow for an exhaustive up-date of the data-base including complete information on residue production related to the secondary wood industry. The up-dates and residue information will be collected using phone, regular mail and site visits. UK Forestry Extension will be the lead in partnering with the Kentucky State Wide Energy Team (SWET) for the purpose of collecting data associated with updating the directory and collecting data related to the identification of residuals produced by the secondary industry in Kentucky.
Effective start/end date8/1/186/30/19


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