Kentucky Geological Survey FY2015 Geologic Data Preservation Project

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Most of the remaining datasets held by the Kentucky Geological Survey have preservation issues that relate to determining geographic coordinate locations, converting various kinds of records to modern electronic database formats, and scanning documents for archival and public dissemination. The first objective (Grant Objective 3) of this proposal will be several scanning and data entry projects in order to digitally preserve valuable data currently stored on paper throughout the survey, and to update the KGS database with information about and from these documents through data entry into the KGS enterprise database. Most of the records that will be preserved through this effort are oil and gas related documents which are associated with specific wells. KGS is legislatively mandated to archive and make available oil and gas records for wells permitted through the Kentucky Division of Oil and Gas, and this effort will not only preserve these records, but also help fulfill our mandate to provide these documents to the public in a user-friendly manner. KGS also houses an extensive core and well samples library facility, which contains over 22 million vertical feet of cores and well samples. Most of these core and well samples are preserved in appropriate boxes, however a significant number of well samples are currently stored in standard banker boxes, which have lost integrity over the years, putting these samples at risk of being lost. A second objective (Grant Objective 4) of this proposal is a request for funds to purchase stronger boxes to rescue well sample bags stored in the standard banker boxes.
Effective start/end date7/8/157/7/16


  • US Geological Survey: $63,320.00


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