Kentucky Geological Survey FY2016 Geologic Data Preservation Project

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This project proposes two distinct goals in order to help KGS realize the long-range data preservation plan for the Survey. The proposed goals are: 1) to continue and scanning documents related to oil and gas wells in the KGS Western Kentucky office, and 2) to design, program, and implement a map-based website for disseminating historical data and documents collected from limestone quarries across Kentucky. These two objectives comply with two of the four major goals in the Survey long]range data preservation plan through the inventory, documentation, and metadata creation of an existing collection (Project 1 - oil and gas well document scanning), and by disseminating data through Webbased services (both projects). Goal 1 - Oil and Gas Document Scanning: This goal is a continuation of the KGS 2013-14, 2014-15, and 2015-16 NGGDPP funded projects to review, scan, create metadata, and disseminate to the public historical oil and gas well documents from the KGS western Kentucky office. An estimated 65% of this collection will be preserved by the end of the current 2015-16 NGGDPP project. KGS is legislatively mandated to archive and make available oil and gas records for wells permitted through the Kentucky Division of Oil and Gas. Archiving these records in a digital format and making them available through web services is a top preservation and data dissemination priority for KGS. Not only does this activity fulfill the KGS mandate, but also provides valuable subsurface geologic data for researchers and the public. This goal is proposed to take the full grant cycle year to complete for an estimated 12,000 well records, which will result in 80% of this collection preserved. For this goal to be realized, three students will be hired to manage scanning and data preparation, and one KGS staff member will be needed for scanning and metadata management. Goal 2 - Limestone Data Web Service: This purpose of this goal is to design, develop, and deploy a map]based website for the general public and industry to view limestone quarry sites in Kentucky from where limestone samples have been taken, and access associated limestone analysis data and related documents. Previous NGGDPP funded projects cataloged and geolocated these limestone sample sites, digitized associated analytical data, and digitally preserved associated field notes and documents. These data are now stored in the KGS database, but is not easily accessible to the public except through individual data request. This goal complies with the KGS long]range data preservation plan by providing a web service for disseminating these preserved data to the public. These data would be a valuable addition to the KGS data services for the public and industry to be able to easily explore limestone quarry data, which could lead to economic development opportunities and scientific advancement in the study of limestone resources in Kentucky. The design, development, and deployment of this website is projected to take the full grant cycle with an estimated 5 months of work split between two KGS staff experienced in data management and web development.
Effective start/end date7/1/166/30/17


  • US Geological Survey: $79,472.00


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