Kentucky Geological Survey FY2023 Geologic Data Preservation Project

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Dye Trace Data Expanding on previous work to attain FAIR data standards, we will focus on improved access to the source material that created the groundwater geospatial data and improve workflow for adding future data to the database. Kentucky Critical Mineral Data Preservation Project with Special Regards to the Western Kentucky Fluorspar District The Kentucky Geological Survey maintains a collection of ca. 5,000 digital files that contain various geological and mining information invaluable for critical mineral assessment in Kentucky. The goals of this project are three-fold: (i) Georeference and vector digitize critical mineral prospect area and drill hole field maps pertinent to the Illinois–Kentucky Fluorspar District in order to create a published mine map over the entire district. (ii) Develop a detailed plan for visual analytics and information extraction of geological content of digital mining documents, and (iii) collect and submit 200 samples from our legacy sample collection for geochemical analysis to assess the critical mineral potential of areas of Kentucky that are not part of on-going investigations. KGS Publication and returned data identification, cataloging, and salvage Over 263 cubic feet of publications, maps, geologic samples, and related material will be identified, cataloged, organized, and assessed for physical damage. Catalogs and newly scanned items will be made available online through the KGS website to bolster many KGS collections’ access to the public. Project staff will repair and protect vulnerable books, maps, and other documents as needed. The major deliverables are well-organized and newly publicly available collection items including Kentucky publications, maps, and returned samples available for online and in-person viewing. This deliverable will benefit KGS staff, undergraduate and graduate students, and scientists in Kentucky interested in various areas of Kentucky geology and available geologic samples. Norris Well Logs nearly 100 cubic feet of paper elogs representing approximately 8,000 oil and gas wells drilled in south- central Kentucky will be identified and scanned at 300 DPI for online dissemination. The major deliverable is roughly 50% of the collection will be identified as new material and made available online through existing KGS online search and map services. This deliverable will make data required to interpret geologic structure, fracturing, and stratigraphic trends readily available to researchers, benefiting mineral exploration and hydrocarbon studies. ReSciColl KGS staff will work to update KGS metadata in the new USGS ReSciColl Registry of Scientific Collections. This work will increase the discoverability of many KGS data collections and sample catalogs beyond the KGS website and benefit geoscientists interested in Kentucky data.
Effective start/end date6/1/235/31/25


  • US Geological Survey: $319,499.00


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