Kentucky Health Information Exchange Programs C2738: CL 5: KHIE Health System Education -HIT Grant: State

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    Abstract For the KHIE Health System Education and Workflow program the Kentucky Regional Extension Center will provide education and workflow assistance to all health systems to further promote adoption and utilization of KHIE capabilities with the goal of improving interoperability. Kentucky REC will provide the following services: 1. Readiness assessment and gap analysis to determine current utilization of KHIE services, including a review of their electronic health record (EHR) capabilities around care coordination. Readiness assessment to take into account hospital and clinics assessments and gap analysis. 2. Review current workflows on provider education and other procedures. Determine barriers of care coordination between community organizations, identifying strategies of improved care coordination. 3. Develop a work plan mitigation strategy to ensure optimal utilization of KHIE services, including the referral process and abilities of the Clinical Care Document (CCD) connectivity for improved quality of care and transitions of care from one healthcare provider to the next. 4. Educate leadership on benefits of using KHIE including readmission reduction, improved quality of care to garner buy-in and align with strategic goals. Identify leadership concerns with care coordination and develop strategies with KHIE leadership to minimize concerns. 5. Collaborate with KHIE Onboarding and Outreach Coordinators to develop a cohesive action plan on communication and implementation of the project. Strategic collaboration between partners for improved engagement with community resources to increase smoother transitions of care, usage of State level services, and better care coordination.
    Effective start/end date12/1/206/30/22


    • KY Cabinet for Health and Family Services


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