Kentucky Homeplace

  • Owens, Judy (PI)

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Kentucky Homeplace was developed, implemented and continues to be managed by the Center for Rural Health. The goal of the Kentucky Homeplace Program is to help underserved individuals access needed medical services by networking them with a service provider at the lowest cost possible. Kentucky Homeplace trains "Family Health Care Advisors" (FHCAs) how to locate free health and preventative services and help their clients "navigate" the health care system. The client and family members work with the Advisor in resolving their own problems. Kentucky Homeplace is an innovative access program which links individuals and families to health care and related services. Although the program has no eligibility criteria, most of its clients are low income and underserved. Primary staff is lay health workers who are of and from the communities they serve. These FHCAs help those in need to help themselves by showing them how to more effectively use health care services. Homeplace assists clients to be proactive and resolute in their efforts to improve health behavior, proactive in use of preventive care and appropriate in use of services when ill.
Effective start/end date7/1/046/30/05


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