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The UK Center for Excellence in Rural Health shall maintain operation of the Kentucky Homeplace Project to educate and assist rural Kentuckians who live in medically underserved areas to access appropriate health care including preventative care. This project shall focus on the use of Para-professional “Community Health Workers” (CHWs) to provide these services. CHWs complete needs assessments of individuals and families in order to address access of immediate medical and/or social issues in the most cost effective manner. The mission of the Kentucky Homeplace program is to provide access to medical, social and environmental services that will enable Kentuckians to identify risk factors and preventive measures to become a healthier people with knowledge and skills to access the health care and social services systems. Goals: • Provide access to medical, social and environmental services by networking clients with a service provider at the lowest cost possible. • Empower individuals to access the appropriate health care to decrease uncompensated hospitalization and emergency room visits. • Network with multi-disciplinary agencies acting as a liaison on behalf of individuals and their families. • Provide education on primary and preventive care to promote a better quality of life. • Collect and analyze data to identify health trends and socio- cultural/economic barriers to health care. • Find solutions to bridge the gap between un-insured and underserved.
Effective start/end date7/1/126/30/14


  • KY Department for Public Health: $1,334,400.00


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