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1. Purposes of Agreement. The Kentucky Substance Abuse Treatment Outcome Study (KTOS) is mandated by state law pursuant to KRS 222.465 and applies to all state funded substance abuse treatment programs. KTOS includes information collected from clients when they enter substance abuse treatment and information one year after treatment. Although Recovery Kentucky Centers are not treatment programs within the meaning of the Kentucky Revised Statutes, KHC and UKRF, through the UK Center for Drug and Alcohol Research, herein referred to as (“UK CDAR”) wish to extend the KTOS to include the eighteen (18) Recovery Kentucky Programs, the Hope Centers in Lexington, and The Healing Place (both male and female centers) in Louisville (Recovery Kentucky Centers). This will result in implementation of a pre-test and post-test outcome study of clients receiving services in these facilities. This study will examine the following client characteristics at intake using data collected by KHC’s Recovery Kentucky Centers and at follow-up 12 months after the baseline or intake interview: Alcohol use and alcohol abstinence; Drug use and abstinence; Employment; Criminal activity; Mental health status; Health status (selected indicators); Use of recovery supports; and Satisfaction with recovery services. The study will also examine client outcomes in terms of cost offsets to society that are associated with participating in recovery services. Study results will apply to all the participating Recovery Kentucky Centers.
Effective start/end date7/1/246/30/25


  • KY Housing Corp: $72,000.00


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