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Description of Program. KHC and UKRF agree as follows: a. UK CDAR has developed all data entry programs as web-based systems, supplanting the previous PDA-based system for the original agreement. b. KHC will also be responsible for collecting other client-specific service data from the Recovery Kentucky Centers (days of residence in the program) for each client and will share these data with UK CDAR for inclusion in the outcomes cost analysis and report of findings that is specific to the Recovery Kentucky Centers. c. KHC shall cause the Recovery Kentucky Centers to collect baseline/intake data on clients who have selected into sustained recovery services, including locator information for client tracking using the UK CDAR web-based instrument for this purpose. d. UK CDAR shall continue to provide an outcome study for the Recovery Kentucky Centers and KHC that responds to the policy questions about the effectiveness and cost savings of Recovery Center services. UK CDAR reserves the right to publish findings in peer-reviewed scientific journals and to use non-identified data as preliminary or pilot data for grant applications. In performing this study UK CDAR agrees to: 1. Continue to provide technical assistance to KHC and Recovery Kentucky Centers on how to enter data and obtain reports; 2. Train users working in the Recovery Kentucky Centers; 3. Maintain web-based data entry tools; 4. Provide and maintain user data management tools; 5. Provide follow-up interviews with a random sample up to 280 of the baseline clients whose data were entered by Recovery Kentucky Center staff in order to ensure that the sample is justifiable for generalizable results; 6. Ensure that the study and subject records are approved for protection by the Institutional Review Board at the University of Kentucky; 7. Develop and publish on the web an annual follow-up study report; 8. Provide consultation with Recovery Kentucky Center staff and KHC staff as needed; 9. Prepare adhoc reports based on emerging needs by KHC and or the Recovery Kentucky Centers; 10. Present findings of the outcome study in formal presentations to policy making groups as determined by KHC and Recovery Kentucky Centers; 11. Maintain a webpage featuring the Recovery Center outcomes for the public and policy makers to use in understanding the Recovery Kentucky Centers and their impact on substance abuse problems in Kentucky; and, 12. Provide additional Center-specific follow-ups with clients above and beyond the sample selected randomly in the overall follow-up sample if said Center agrees to pay an additional $225.00 per additional client subject interviewed for a follow-up. These additional studies may require MOA modification or separate agreements between Recovery Kentucky Centers and UK CDAR.
Effective start/end date7/1/186/30/19


  • KY Housing Corp: $121,663.00


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