Kentucky Lead Education and Outreach Project (Supplemental Funding Proposal)

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This project will emphasize the hazards oflead, especially lead-based paint. The first objective of this project will be to work with two military bases in Kentucky with active housing units to inform officials, maintenance workers, and military personal and their families living in military housing units of lead hazards, especially lead-based paint, A second objective of the project is to assist with expansion of existing programs to 1) contact real estate agents and landlords about the rules and regulations governing the dissemination of information regarding lead paint hazards to renters or buyers of housing, 2) expand present activities with home remodelers and contractors over a larger area ofthe state to make then aware of the pre-renovation information rule and 3) increase the awareness of the general public, including renters and home buyers, regarding the EP A rules associated with lead paint hazards though the expansion of exhibits at shows, fairs and other public events ..
Effective start/end date12/31/0412/31/06


  • University of Georgia: $33,333.00


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