Kentucky Operator Certification Program: Surface Water and Groundwater Treatment Operator Certification Manuals

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Compliance Assistance Project Project Title: Kentucky Operator Certification Program: Surface Water and Groundwater Treatment Operator Certification Manuals UK Organization Submitting Proposal: KWRI Primary Contact Person: Donna McNeil Contact Phone Number: 502-330-0015 Contact Email: Project Need Describe the project need: The Kentucky Operator Certification Program (KOCP), Division of Enforcement (formally the Division of Compliance Assistance) has identified a need to revise their certification training and examination materials for the drinking water and wastewater operator certification program. The specific training materials needing revision include: 1. Wastewater Treatment Operators Certification 2. Wastewater Collection System Operators Certification 3. Drinking Water Distribution System Operators Certification 4. Surface Water Treatment Operators Certification 5. Groundwater Treatment Operators Certification This phase of the project will focus on the revision of the Surface Water (Item 4) and Groundwater Treatment (Item 5) Operator’s Certification Manuals, Formula Sheets, and Examination materials. Project Work Plan (How are you accomplishing your objectives?) Following an initial kickoff meeting with KOCP leadership, the KWRI team will review the existing training materials and certification exams and meet with KOCP training staff and advisory board members to identify needs and objectives for upgrading the drinking water treatment operator training program. Based on this assessment, the team will prepare a draft table of contents and the first chapter of each training manual for review by EEC personnel. Following feedback on the approach, form, and content level of this submission, the KWRI team will complete a final draft of each manual which will then be reviewed internally and then external before final revision and submittal. In similar fashion, the KWRI team will also review the existing surface water certification exams (four exams, Class I-IV), groundwater certification exams (four exams, Class I-IV) and revise the exams to be consistent with the upgraded training materials. The final draft of the exam will then undergo both internal and external review before final revision and submittal. Project Deliverables 1. Chapter Table of Contents 2. Draft Individual Manual Chapters 3. Chapter Internal Reviews 4. Chapter External Reviews 5. Draft Combined Certification Training Manuals 6. Final Draft Manual Internal Review 7. Final Draft Manual External Review 8. Draft Formula Sheet 9. Formula Sheet Internal Review 10. Formula Sheet External Review 11. Final Formula Sheet 12. Final Certification Training Manual 13. Final Exams (four in total) Anticipated Completion of Project Deliverables (Milestone Dates) Date Milestone Expected Expected 1 Kickoff Meeting Begin Completion 2 Review Existing Certification Manuals and Exams 1/4/24 1/4/24 3 Draft Table of Contents 4 Feedback Meetings/Comments 1/1/24 1/15/24 5 Final Table of Contents 1/15/24 2/15/24 6 Final Draft of 25% of Manuals and Exams 2/16/24 3/15/24 7 Feedback Meetings/Comments 3/15/24 3/31/24 8 Final Draft of 50% of Manuals and Exams 4/1/24 8/1/24 9 Feedback Meetings/Comments 8/1/24 8/31/24 10 Final Draft of Training Manuals and Exams 9/1/24 1/31/25 11 Final Draft of Formula Sheets 2/1/25 3/1/25 12 Final Manuals/Formula Sheets Feedback Meetings 3/1/25 9/30/25 13 Final Exams Feedback Meetings/Comments 9/1/25 9/30/25 10/1/25 10/31/25 10/1/25 10/31/25 14 Final Version of Certification Manuals/Formula 10/31/25 12/31/25 Sheets 15 Final Version of Exams 10/31/25 12/31/25 Project Budget PROJECT EXPENSE AMOUNT ($) PROJECT EXPENSE DESCRIPTION 105,065.00 Personnel 18,224.00 21,723.00 Principle Investigator: Donna McNeil (6 calendar months/year) 8,318 153,330 Reviewer: Lindell Ormsbee (0.18 Academic months, 0.54 summer months) Reviewer: Scott Yost (0.18 academic months, 1.36 summer months) Student: TBD (9.06 calendar months) Total Personnel Travel 736.00 Funds are being requested for travel to support the project scope of work. 250.00 Travel shall be at the approved University of Kentucky (UK) rates for 500.00 per diem, lodging, and mileage reimbursement. 38,704.00 • Monthly trips to Frankfort to meet with DCA officials or attend the 193,519.00 monthly board meeting (24 trips at 15 miles round trip at 65.5 cents per mile = $236) • One trip to attend the Kentucky Water and Wastewater Operators Association annual conference $500.00 Supplies- Funds are being requested to purchase supplies (e.g., paper, ink, etc.) in support of producing the manual and associated materials. Reference Materials- Funds are being requested to purchase reference materials (e.g., design manuals, operating manuals, etc.) in support of the manual development. Indirect costs @ 20% - The indirect rate of 20% represents the Sponsor Dictated indirect rate. Indirect costs are calculated on Modified Total Direct Costs (MTDC). Included in the base are all salaries and wages, fringe benefits, materials and supplies, services, travel, and subgrants and subcontracts up to $25,000 of each subgrant or subcontract (regardless of the period covered by the subgrant or subcontract). TOTAL BUDGET
Effective start/end date1/1/2412/31/25


  • KY Department of Environmental Protection


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