Kentucky Pest Management Communication and Information Center

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We propose to establish a Center for the collection, analysis and communication of data describing pest management tactics and their interrelationships for the Commonwealth of Kentucky. The Center will serve as both the structure and the mechanism to collect data on the activity of endemic and invasive pests and beneficials, crop production and pest management practices, and pesticide use and application patterns in a scientifically defensible manner. Through the center, we will establish standard procedures for gathering information to measure changing trends in pest problems to; measure probable impacts of the pest, to evaluate management tactics and to develop and modify IPM systems, as necessary, to provide appropriate pest management strategies. The Center will become an integral function of the combined efforts of Kentucky's Integrated Pest Management, Pesticide Safety and Education, and Cooperative Agricultural Pest Survey, programs. In addition the IRA, Pesticides Coordinator and the Plant Disease, Insect and Weed Identification and Diagnostic laboratories will both aid and benefit form this centralized effort. However, the Center will have specific duties concerning pest management tactics and wilI be overseen and review by an independent board of stakeholders. The data collected will be used to develop update existing Crop Profiles, develop Crop Profiles for new and possible alternative crops, to support the construction of Pest Management Strategic Plans and to help define Kentucky's relationship to various agroecosystems. All products of the Center will be web-based and accessible via the IPM, PSE and CAPS WebPages. Information gained from the program activities will be available as documents and databases. Reports of the Annual Survey, specific questions under research, Crop Profiles, PMSP's and other appropriate items will be placed on the website in PDF format. Databases of interpreted data, that is data that have been reviewed by a subject matter specialist and subjected to "default standards" will be made available to download in a common delimited format. The use of a website wilI make the Centers products available to all who desire them. Interested parties without access to the web will be able to gain "hard copy" or "diskette" electronic copy from any County Extension office or any other location that has access to the web.
Effective start/end date5/1/027/1/05


  • University of Florida: $152,923.00


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