Kentucky Research Consortium for Energy and Environment (KRCEE): PGDP GW Flow and Transport Model Evaluation

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Simulate TCE plume migration using flow field from the 2016 flow model and solute transport parameters from the 2008 transport model. The 2016 model produced a groundwater flow field with a smaller total discharge than the 2008 flow model produced. The goal of this modeling activity is to evaluate impacts of changes in the flow field on simulating TCE plume migration history. Objectives include: 1) Incorporate the 2008 transport model parameters to the 2016 flow model. 2) Simulate TCE plume migration for the period of 1966-2008. 3) Compare simulated TCE plume migration with results from the 2008 transport model. 4) Provide summary of model observations and recommendations regarding the development of PGDP Transport Model
Effective start/end date4/15/193/31/24


  • Department of Energy


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