Kentucky River Watershed Management

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SCOPE OF WORK In continuation of the new focus of the Kentucky River Authority on management plan implementation, the proposed scope of work for this year will include the following activities: • Coordinate and manage the annual water quality sampling effort of the Kentucky River Watershed Watch program; • Deve10p and publish the annual water quality assessment of the Kentucky River Basin; • Work with the Kentucky River Watershed Watch and the Environmental and Public Protection Cabinet to insure that the annual sampling results are utilized in support of the activities of the KYEPPC; • Assist in the development ofKRWW Citizen Action Plans; • Work with stakeholders to develop and implement watershed management plans for targeted watersheds in the Kentucky River Basin; • Develop and manage an administrative grant program in support of watershed management activities; • Work with watershed management teams to secure additional funding through organizations such as Bluegrass PRIDE, Eastern Kentucky PRIDE, Kentucky Division of Water, Environmental Protection Agency, foundations, etc.; and • Provide updates to the Kentucky River Watershed Watch website. • Represent the Kentucky River Authority at subcommittee meetings associated with the Kentucky Watershed Management Framework process.
Effective start/end date9/13/066/30/07


  • KY River Authority: $78,000.00


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