Kentucky Service and Infrastructure eXpansion (KY SIX)

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UKRF CTAC shall provide evaluation, technical assistance, and consulting services in six (6) areas: 1. Conduct one (1) statewide Secondary Traumatic Stress Breakthrough Series Collaborative (STS-BSC) that includes administration of baseline surveys customized based on team needs; baseline and end-of-the-initiative dashboards to measure change; consultation calls throughout the first two (2) action periods: a. Pre-work prior to Learning Session 1, action work between Learning Session 1 and Learning Session 2. b. During action period two (2) through Learning Session 3; up to eight (8) planning calls with the DBHDID and/or STS-BSC teams to discuss findings, plan for collaborative sessions, problem solve issues that arise, and/or to provide technical assistance; and Basecamp project management support for teams. 2. Conduct a statewide needs assessment to guide the development of podcast and Extension for Community Healthcare Outcomes (ECHO) sessions. 3. Conduct one (1) Project ECHO series for diverse audiences, including baseline and end- of-initiative measurement of the use of individual and organizational strategies. 4. Provide ongoing development of Well@Work resources and maintain the Well@Work website. 5. Disseminate Well@Work resources via monthly social media campaigns. All printed materials must be approved by the Cabinet’s Communications staff prior to printing and distribution. 6. Implement one (1) Learning Collaborative on Trauma Informed Care that includes attention to grief, as well as screening, assessment, and intervention strategies for use by behavioral health providers as well as court diversion, juvenile justice and/or child welfare workers. Implementation includes baseline and end-of-initiative data collection, consultation calls, Basecamp project management support; and up to eight (8) planning calls with agency leadership to facilitate the development and tailoring of the initiative.
StatusNot started
Effective start/end date7/1/246/30/26


  • KY Cabinet for Health and Family Services: $200,000.00


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