Kentucky Service & Infrastructure eXpansion (KY SIX)

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Kentucky Service & Infrastructure eXpansion (KY SIX) initiative will expand the SOC infrastructure and service delivery to children/youth (birth to 18 years of age) at risk for or with SED and specifically those who have child welfare and/or justice involvement. Justice involvement includes those involved with the Administrative Office of the Courts (AOC) and/or the Department for Juvenile Justice (DJJ). Child welfare involvement includes those involved with the Department for Community Based Services/DCBS, (Kentucky’s child welfare agency), both in- and out-of-home. In accordance with SOC values and principles, the KY SIX initiative will expand and enhance the SOC for the population of focus via activities in five overarching goal areas. 1. Enhance and sustain Kentucky’s interagency governance bodies to support the implementation, expansion, and integration of the SOC approach. 2. Conduct ongoing evaluation of implementation activities and engage in continuous quality improvement efforts to improve outcomes and reduce behavioral health disparities. 3. Implement a comprehensive, multi-agency children’s behavioral health plan for SOC expansion and sustainability. 4. Promote resilience and retention within the workforce that serves the population of focus. 5. Improve equitable availability of and access to culturally- and linguisticallyresponsive, evidence-based/evidence-informed practices in trauma and griefinformed behavioral health services for the population of focus, including marginalized and minoritized populations.
Effective start/end date1/1/246/30/24


  • KY Cabinet for Health and Family Services: $131,535.00


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