Kentucky Small Business Development Center

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KSBDC will assist with SBA's SBDC priorities for 2019 by: Promoting an inclusive vision of entrepreneurship that serves all demographics, backgrounds, and locations throughout the Commonwealth Providing support to both new to exporting and existing exporters through ongoing training, consulting, and collaboration Partnering with the Kentucky SBA District Office to support procurement assistance Providing services to veterans Sharing resources on continuity and disaster readiness with small businesses Building capacity in the network to provide guidance and training on cyber security Delivering services to serve the large rural regions of the state This proposal reflects a 15% decrease in funding. Some centers have also suffered sharp reductions in funding support from their hosts. To address these proposed and actual reductions, some programing will be dependent on final funding, such as the statewide Small Business Awards events, professional development, market research tools, and travel. KSBDC's core services are confidential one-on-one consulting and training. As such, maintaining professional SBDC personnel who can deliver services is the program's key priority. KSBDC serves all small businesses with a variety of services. Consulting will be provided to existing small businesses on resolving problems and in developing expansion plans; and to prospective entrepreneurs in analyzing and planning new business ventures. Training is often used to serve individuals that are not ready for one-on-one consulting and to manage the demand for consulting services. Across the state, there continues to be more and more organizations offering training. Efforts are made to coordinate programing, however the grant driven programs often leads to competition for training attendees.
Effective start/end date10/1/189/30/20


  • Small Business Administration: $1,704,749.00


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