Kentucky State-Wide Planning

  • Samuels, Michael (PI)

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The Kentucky State Office of Rural Health looks to the State Planning Grant as a unique opportunity to make the case for policymakers, stakeholders and concerned citizens regarding the importance of health care coverage to the economic vitality of the Commonwealth. To formulate and present that case, specific project goals have been developed that address research, consensus building, and communication, all which are important to advancing policy development. Because few valuable data regarding the characteristics of the uninsured populations are available in Kentucky, much effort will be devoted to survey research on a large enough scale to allow for regional, raciaVethnic, and ruraVurban analyses. Once the data are available, they will need to be shared with key stakeholders, then with larger audiences that can advance and promote the interests of low-income uninsured populations to policymakers. Putting a face on the populations in different communities and regions will be vitally important to these communications. The following five goals broadly outline the activities that will be required to build the case for policymakers' attention to the issues related to the uninsured: Goal I:To develop and implement a planning process focused on strategies for bringing the uninsured into Kentucky's health care system, as well as the planning process itself. Goal 2: To design and implement research that expands the knowledge base of public and private stakeholders about characteristics of the uninsured and potentially uninsured Kentuckians and identifies disparities in geographic or raciaVethnic access to coverage and access. Goal 3: To undertake a study similar to the Institute of Medicine's "Consequences of Uninsurance" at the Kentucky level to provide a solid policymaking foundation for expanding health care access and coverage. Goal 4: To explore the larger context of strategies for expanding the insured population through changes in public and private insurance, with particular attention to the legal and practical consequences of various state-level initiatives; assess whether Kentucky is optimizing public and private strategies through evidence-based policies; and propose systematic approaches for maintaining and expanding health care coverage. Goal 5: To provide ongoing communications, convening several forums for public and private stakeholders to share project findings and engage them in strategic planning efforts, and report project fmdings to HHS. I
Effective start/end date9/1/048/31/05


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