Kentucky Teacher Qualifications Comparison Study

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In collaboration with the University of Kentucky, NIEER will conduct a randomized trial comparing the effects of teacher qualifications and compensation on children's outcomes. Although limited research indicates that teacher training and salaries are crucial for preschool program quality, a randomized study is needed to determine how children's outcomes might differ as a result of these variables. Research questions include: • Is there a difference in child outcomes when teachers have specialized training in early childhood education, a BA, and are compensated at a public school salary? • What is the effect of various combinations of these inputs? • Do teaching practices vary according to teacher qualifications and pay? • Does participation in the preschool program result in improved outcomes and school readiness at kindergarten entry as measured by pre-post gains in this sample.
Effective start/end date7/1/089/30/11


  • Rutgers University: $438,800.00


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