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Core State Injury Prevention Program (Kentucky Violence and Injury Prevention Program-KVIPP) funding announcement CDC-RFA-CE21-2101 KVIPP (BASE) Draft Abstract The Kentucky Injury Prevention and Research Center (KIPRC) is a bona fide agent for the KY Department for Public Health (KDPH) for community injury and violence prevention practice and an independent research center at the University of Kentucky. The purpose of KIPRC’s Kentucky Violence and Injury Prevention Program (KVIPP) is to decrease injury related morbidity and mortality rates by building on existing surveillance, implementation, evaluation, dissemination, and leveraged resource capacity developed during past Core grants (CE-16-1602, SUPCOVID19 and CE11-1101) with our multisectoral partners (e.g., KSPAN members) to inform public health (PH) action for the development of new and enhancement of existing injury and violence prevention strategies. These strategies will focus on disproportionately affected populations within the Notice of Funding Opportunity priority focus areas: ACEs, transportation safety (TS), traumatic brain injury (TBI), and local concern area of older adult falls. KVIPP will use robust data surveillance, strategic collaborations and implementing partnerships, and the implementation, assessment and evaluation of existing evidence-based and -informed strategies - e.g. CONNECT education campaign (ACEs), Dias-based PAHT (TBI/ACEs/shared risk and protective factors) education, Checkpoints™ parent-teen agreement program (TS/TBI), traffic sobriety checkpoints (TS/TBI), Local Heroes (TS), and gatekeeper training (TBI)) - plus new strategies - e.g. SEEK-PQ-R pediatrics (ACE/TBI), need assessments (falls and TBI), Purple Star Program (cross-cutting, shared risk and protective factors), Drug Recognition Expert program (TS), and Bingocize® (falls) - to reduce risk factors, increase protective factors, and reduce injury. Our work will also inform the public, state and local stakeholders, policy makers, disproportionately affected populations and the workforce serving these populations about risk factors/protective factors and injury violence prevention to improve and strengthen multisector collaborations and support targeted public health injury violence and prevention intervention strategies and evaluation.
Effective start/end date8/1/217/31/26


  • Center for Disease Control and Prevention: $750,000.00


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