KHIT 102, Forensic Pavement Evaluation I-65

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KYTC is planning on rehabilitating the pavement on I-65 between MP 91.1 to MP 97.6 and the existing pavement is showing significant distress especially in the slow lanes in both the north and southbound directions. There are concerns about the condition of the existing pavement block and subgrade. Therefore, KYTC has requested that KTC perform a forensic pavement evaluation in an effort to identify any possible deficiencies in the existing pavement block and subgrade so the appropriate pavement rehabilitation may be proposed. The forensic pavement evaluation will be performed on the slow lanes in both the north and southbound directions (approximately 13 lanes miles). FWD and GPR testing will be performed along with field verification cores to determine modulus values for the existing sub-grade and pavement structure, thickness verification of existing sub-base and pavement structure, subsurface drainage issues, and mode verification of the existing cracks in the pavement.
Effective start/end date7/1/166/30/17


  • KY Transportation Cabinet: $37,500.00


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