KHIT 106, Evaluation of Experimental Polyurethane Product for Reestablishing Concrete Pavement Grade on Audubon Parkway

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At mile marker 22.75 on the Audubon Parkway, there is noticeable slab settlement on two departure slabs and one approach slab at the bridge that crosses KY 2120. In efforts to re-establish the concrete pavement grade, to that of the adjacent bridge ends, it is proposed that a new experimental polyurethane material be placed under the slabs. It is anticipated that this new experimental material will help re-establish the concrete pavement grade, and achieve long-term stability for the settled slabs. Approach slab settlement appears to be a continuous problem at most bridge ends throughout Kentucky. This project has been identified in efforts to find a different alternative to slab replacement to address both approach and departure slabs. It is hoped that using this experimental product that KYTC will identify a new method to safely and economically raise settled approach and departure slabs. In efforts to support this experimental project, KTC will procure the vendor “Master Service Companies” to provide approximately 2,548 lbs. of polyurethane foam and provided installation services of the product. Additionally, KTC will pretest the three slabs using a Falling Weight Deflectometer (FWD) device, and conduct a topographic survey of the existing slabs. Once the slabs have been raised by the Vendor, a new baseline FWD and topographic survey will be conducted.
Effective start/end date2/1/176/30/19


  • KY Transportation Cabinet: $59,068.00


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