KHIT 120: Right of Way Process Analysis Phase I

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This project will address the right of way process for the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet. Process improvements will be analyzed for legality and practicality, as expediting right of way will help KYTC project managers deliver projects in a timely manner. The resulting documentation and any integrated improvements will ensure uniformity in process and practice across KYTC while ensuring projects are delivered as expeditiously as possible. It is expected that there will be another phase to this project which will begin October 1, 2018. The objectives of this project are to: Define the current ROW process using facilitation methods Identify areas for improvement and determine what can be affected (law, policy, practice); utilize SWOT analysis and other techniques to analyze current approach to ROW Determine if changes are feasible under the Uniform Act; ensure primer is available on federal and state law Examine other state ROW improvements and determine applicability to Kentucky as needed Drawing from the experience of KYTC staff and the practices adopted by other states, make recommendations to improve the efficiency of KYTC’s ROW process Develop guidance document documenting current process and recommended process improvements
Effective start/end date4/27/186/30/19


  • KY Transportation Cabinet: $198,846.00


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