KHIT 121: I-65 Pavement Settlement Technical Assistance MP 102.295-127.570

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Abstract KHIT 121, I-65 Pavement Settlement Technical Assistance MP102.295-127.570 In efforts to level the existing concrete pavement slabs along the I-65 corridor from mileposts 102.295-127.570 NB/SB where longitndinal differential pavement settlement is occurring, KYTC will utilize an experimental epoxy material to assist in lifting the settled slabs at a later date through another contract. However, before that contact can be let, KYTC needs to know the approximate locations of the settled slabs. KTC proposes to identify the settled slabs utilizing a mobile LiDAR system. Differential settlement thresholds along the longitudinal joints noted as J1, J2, J3, and J4 of the three lane section (figure 1) will be evaluated. The evaluation will consist of determining where the longitndinal joints are experiencing differential settlement from 1/z -1 inch, 1-1 1/z inch, and greater than 1 '12 inch with an equipment tolerance of + / -% inch. KTC will depict the approximate settled slab areas in reference to the alignment file provided by Mr. Jason Bicker with Stantec Inc for the three lane section in the southbound direction. Additionally, KTC will advise/ assist Woolpert Inc. with processing techniques so that they may provide KYTC a sirrrilar type pavement differential settlement for the north bound direction. KTC will also make an attempt to scan the center line joints of J2 and J3 using ground penetrating radar to determine if a substantial amount of water is being retained beneath the concrete slabs, thus creating a weak foundation. This information may be provided to Stantec Inc. for plan development. KTC will work with the KYTC pavement design and D5 staff to collect the necessary field data to identify the approximate locations of the settled slabs. Traffic control will be provided by DS during a nighttime rolling lane closure. BACKGROUND AND SIGNIFICANCE OF WORK This project is being conducted to identify settled slabs that will be lifted by others at a later date by contract. WORK DESCRIPTION Collect and process mobile LiDAR data to assist in determining settle pavement areas. Collect and process GPR data to assist with dete1'1nine wet areas. Assist consultant with project coordination, data collection, data processing, and data delivery.
Effective start/end date7/1/1812/31/19


  • KY Transportation Cabinet: $119,500.00


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