KHIT 127, Retrofit of Cracked Ends in PC I-Girders, I-69 Panther Creek, Clarks River, Graves County

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The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet (KYTC) proposes to use CatStrong Carbon Fabrics to retrofit 20 Prestressed Concrete (PC) girder ends in 042B00163L and 20 PC girder ends in 042B00167L. The objective of this project is to carry out the retrofit design; CFRP and adhesive material specification, procurement, and application supervision; monitoring at all retrofit stages; and reporting. KTC will specify and procure the CatStrong carbon fiber material and epoxy adhesives, Zinc primer, ultra violet protective coating; and miscellaneous retrofit supplies (protective gear, application equipment, etc.). KTC will perform monitoring of all stages of the retrofit construction and submit the reports for the project.
Effective start/end date10/15/186/30/23


  • KY Transportation Cabinet: $60,000.00


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