KHIT 132, Pipe Inspection Quality Assurance

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KHIT 132, Pipe Assurance Quality Assurance The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet (KYTC) currently requires post installation inspection of culvert and storm sewer pipes installed on KYTC projects. Video inspection is required for 100% of pipe material types installed under roadways and 50% of pipes not under the road. In addition to the video inspection, a deflection assessment is required for all flexible (CMP, HDPE, PP, and PVC) pipes. The purpose of these inspections is to look for poor installation practices and/or material defects that can be detrimental to the performance of culvert or storm drain, which are cheaper to remedy during construction rather after the roadway has been completed and in service. Contractors performing the inspections and assessments need to be not only knowledgeable of how to use and maintain the equipment used for inspections but they also need to know what distresses to look for and how to adequately document and report their results to KYTC. In 2014, KTC completed work a test track facility that is used for certifying pipe inspection contractors. The test track includes two 40 foot runs of CMP and HDPE and one 32 foot run RCP. The CMP and HDPE runs consist of 5 8-foot sticks and the RCP run consists of 4 8-foot sticks. Each is run contains insitu like distresses. The CMP and HDPE are also deflected to simulate deformation during construction. The facility and the pipes are used to test and certify the inspecting contractors. Continue to provide a facility to house the pipe inspection certification program *This project only covers the costs associated with providing and maintaining the facilities for the pipe inspection certification program *The contractor shall cover the costs for their certification. Each operator must be certified on their respective equipment. Task B: Provide QA for contractor post installation pipe inspections *KYTC to identify monthly project to QA *KYTC to select pipes to QA Provide two days of QA inspection per month o Video inspection o Deflection assessment o Compare with contractor¡¦s results o General production for video and deflection inspection is 800 LF to 1200 LF per day. *KYTC to provide contractor¡¦s results to KTC
Effective start/end date7/1/196/30/22


  • KY Transportation Cabinet: $108,000.00


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