KHIT 138, Using LiDAR for Bridge Clearance Heights, I-24 and I-69

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Abstract KHIT 138, Using LiDAR for Bridge Clearance Heights, I-24 and I-69 PI Levi McIntosh Co-PI Brad Rister 01/01/2021-12/31/2021 OBJECTIVES This research will: • Identify best practices for obtaining bridge clearances heights using LiDAR technology. • Identify best practices for processing LiDAR data to provide bridge clearances heights and identify accuracies of the technology. • Develop a best practice platform to deliver and warehouse bridge clearance heights. • Identify pilot area to deploy equipment/technology (i.e., Interstate route/routes, Districts, counties). • Deliver project data that can be best used by multiple users/divisions within KYTC. PROBLEM STATEMENT Overpass clearances can vary from lane to lane and can be very difficult to measure due to traffic. These clearances also change over time with resurfacing projects. Therefore an up-to-date clearance height of overpass structures above Kentucky’s interstates, parkways, and AAA routes is needed.
Effective start/end date1/1/212/28/22


  • KY Transportation Cabinet: $47,500.00


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