KHIT 140, Traffic Engineering and MUTC Support

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Abstract KHIT 140, Traffic Engineering and MUTC Support 02/01/21-06/30/22 PI Bryan Gibson Co-I – Jeff Wolfe The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet’s Division of Operations mission is “to improve the safety and operation of the highway system through traffic-operational programs and projects.” The primary responsibility of the division is the formulation, distribution, and interpretation of the policies, rules, and regulations that relate to the traffic functions of the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet. The Kentucky Transportation Center (KTC) offers knowledge, resources, and proficiency in traffic engineering. KTC is providing on-call technical support to Traffic Operations for the many different programs, projects, process improvements, and policy developments led by the Division to fulfill its mission and responsibilities. The project would also allow KTC to stay engaged in Manual on Uniform Traffic Control (MUTCD) updates and to advise KYTC on MUTCD-related issues. Each task assigned will have a work plan created showing the task’s scope, schedule, and budget. Included will be the KTC team assigned to task, timeline of activities, and milestone deliveries. A generalized work plan is written below. Task 1, Project Initialization: Discuss assignment with key KYTC personnel. Define and document each project’s description, purpose, scope, timeline, and deliverables. Task 2, Project Planning: Write work plan defining and sequencing work activities. Assign KTC researchers to project and document the staffing plan. Determine budget. Develop schedule. Task 3, Project Executing: Execute the work plan and work activities. Regularly report progress to KYTC manager. Task 4, Project Monitoring: Work with KYTC’s Leadership to communicate and/or implement work. When appropriate, write a technical brief describing concepts and conclusions of the work effort. Task 5, Project Closing: Post technical documentation to KTC’s website. Possibility present project findings at conferences.
Effective start/end date2/1/216/30/22


  • KY Transportation Cabinet: $25,000.00


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