KHIT 148: KYTC Performance Management Training

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Abstract KHIT 148, KYTC Performance Management Training PI: Bryan Gibson Co-I: Jon Wilcoxson As part of the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet’s efforts to incorporate Transportation Performance Management (TPM) into the Cabinet’s business processes and culture, training is needed to educate personnel about the benefits, objectives, and activities involved in TPM. Training modules and classes for TPM currently available from the Federal Highway Administration’s National Highway Institute (NHI) provide a framework that can be used to develop KYTC-specific training but place an emphasis on national performance measures and reporting requirements. While KYTC is required to meet federal requirements on TPM, the Cabinet is seeking a training course that goes beyond the federal measures and helps to develop metrics and measures that provide tangible benefits to transportation stakeholders in the Commonwealth. As part of this effort, KTC will also conduct facilitation sessions to identify process performance goals for specific program areas within KYTC. Objectives: • Develop KYTC-specific training material for TPM • Conduct training for KYTC program areas identified by SAC • Facilitate identification of process performance goals within each program area
Effective start/end date1/1/226/30/24


  • KY Transportation Cabinet: $111,060.00


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