KHIT 151: Developing a Cross Asset Allocation Mechanism

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KYTC already has mechanisms for comparing the value of proposed projects within specific programs or asset classes. For example, the SHIFT process allows KYTC to assess the need for and benefits of planned capital projects. However, SHIFT does not effectively assess the value of non-capital projects such as those focused on safety or asset management. Consequently, it is difficult to measure and compare the impact of projects toward meeting overall KYTC performance goals. As part of KYTC’s performance management implementation effort, it will be necessary to establish a mechanism for comparing the impact of projects across the capital, safety, and asset management programs. This project seeks to identify the appropriate mechanisms for such comparisons and also identify any gaps in data or processes that will need to be addressed in order to implement a cross asset allocation framework. Objectives: • Identify potential mechanisms for comparing the impact of projects across the safety, capital, and asset management programs • Identify gaps in data and processes
Effective start/end date7/1/226/30/24


  • KY Transportation Cabinet: $165,836.00


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