KHIT 152: Technical Support on Unforeseen Highway Design Work

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Abstract KHIT 152, Technical Support on Unforeseen Highway Design Work The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet’s Division of Highway Design’s mission is “the timely delivery of engineering solutions and construction documents that maximize the use of highway funds and enhance the safety and operations of the highway system, the natural environment, and the human environment.” The primary responsibilities of Highway Design are the following: • Develop criteria, procedures, and policies for highway/roadway design. Ensure consistency of projects. • Offer technical expertise and assistance to project managers, project teams, designers, and others associated with development and delivery of highway projects. • Provide or facilitate opportunities for training as it relates to highway design criteria, procedures, and policies. • Deliver the final project to the letting process. • Ensure that the Cash Flow Management Program in Highway Design is administered properly and that funds are identified as available before payments or charges are approved consistent with KYTC''''s Cash Flow System mandate. The Kentucky Transportation Center (KTC) offers much knowledge, resources, and proficiency in the highway design subject-matter. KTC is providing on-call technical support to Highway Design for the many different programs, projects, process improvements, and policy developments led by the Division to fulfill its mission and responsibilities.
Effective start/end date7/1/226/30/25


  • KY Transportation Cabinet: $80,000.00


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