KHIT 153: Item #4-164 KY 555 Washington County # 2+1 Project and Roundabouts

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Abstract KHIT 153, Item #4-164 KY 555 Washington County – 2+1 Project and Roundabouts 08/01/22 to 12/31/24 This project will begin with a project kick -off meeting to discuss the issues with KYTC personnel and determine and identify the KYTC representatives. This team will define the project scope, description, purpose, including the deliverables. KTC will further develop and write the full work plan. The PI will assign the KTC researchers to project the according to their experience and areas of expertise. The PI will assess the workload and determine budget needs and develop the research schedule. When the research is complete it will be posted as technical documentation to KTC’s website. The PI may possibility present project findings at future conferences. 1. Collect and review pertinent data and documentation on Item #4-164 KY 555 2+1 project. Visit project site. Discuss project with key KYTC project team members. 2. Review design-build project documentation. Background research on 2+1 concepts. Background research on roundabout intersections. 3. Discussion findings with the District 4 Project Team. Follow up, as needed, with project manager and designers. 4. If needed, write technical assistance memorandum to capture recommendations, alternatives, and rationale. 5. Work with KYTC personnel to track and review 2+1 details as KYTC constructs KY 555. Monitor 2+1 traffic performance after new KY 555 is open to traffic.
Effective start/end date8/1/226/30/26


  • KY Transportation Cabinet: $22,406.00


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